History of Silence

History of Silence History of Silence 
by The Vandi Show

SynopsisWhat does a hard-nosed detective, a flying hooker, naked dwarfs, a screwy ladies' room, and a smart-mouth attorney have in common? Seemingly nothing, but they all come together quite insanely in this sometimes quirky, sometimes tragic, always sexy, disjointed tale of love and betrayal.

Sylus is the detective with a penchant for cracking skulls. Cashmere is the girl-turned-woman from his past destined to bring him to his knees.

He broke her heart once. She'll be damned if she lets him do it again...no matter what that fragile organ tells her.

Book Review- I enjoyed this novel. It was my first read by the author. The romance between Sylus and Cashmere was a fun ride. The author did a good job of making the chemistry believable. I chuckled. I cheered and was left satisfied. The story moved very well and was executed very well.  The overall theme for me in this book was one of family and friendship. 
I think lovers of fun contemporary romance will enjoy this story. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.