The Restoration of Love

The Restoration of Love The Restoration of Love by Tucora Monique

Sawyer "Stix" Soules is searching for peace. Due to things she cannot change, Stix had been taught to conform. After leaving the Black Lightning Motorsports Family, the spitfire mechanic has decided to focus on building her own legacy with her cousin, Shooter, at her side. Specializing in restoring old school vehicles, the community activist couldn't be happier on the business front, though her personal affairs are unraveling. Old wounds have caused her to choose a polyamorous lifestyle and Stix isn't looking to add to her tribe. Nevertheless, can countless run-ins with a persistent gentleman restore the idea of exclusivity?

Yemisi Powers is seeking salvation. Growing up, the God-fearing man was rooted in his brothers' shadows but also taught the power of timing. As an adult, Yemisi swears by the notion that time is of the essence and will walk away from anyone who devalues what he can’t get back. While praying for his steps to be ordered, the ambitious officer's dreams are tainted by mischievous measures, and he's forced to evaluate his purpose. However, amid his life's alterations, Yemisi meets a complex woman that may be worth more than just his time.

Book Review - I believe this was my first read by this author and I enjoyed it. I think because this wasn't an instalove or the typical bad boy/good girl story. These two carried heavy baggage. Sawyer was deeply flawed and some of her issues resonated with my own. I loved that Yesimi was confident and persistent enough for both of them. The nod to today's cultural and societal issues was weaved into this story very well. I think the author did a good job of character and plot development. This was not necessarily a "feel good" romance, because it dealt with some emotionally heavy issues. But, I absolutely applaud the author for showing the importance of therapy as it pertains to maintaining our mental health in the black community. I recommend this book to those who like atypical romance novels. 
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  1. One of my favorite BLP authors. Remind me about her latest when you get an opportunity, Don't Love Without Me.


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