Yours Truly

Yours Truly Yours Truly by Omega

SynopsisWhat did history tell you about a woman scorned? See what this she does in revenge that can affect her entire life and possibly even history as we know it...but a little different. The Jack The Ripper you think you know changes all in Yours Truly.

Book Review - A woman driven to madness is what we are dealing with in The Ripper Book 1. Left by her husband after multiple miscarriages and a maddening single focus on given him a child.  After catching her husband in bed with a prostitute and her husband proclaiming that she was no longer his wife only this "carcass" whose sole focus was bearing him a child, our heroine goes into a state of madness. What's odd is that she drove her husband away for a child, he could do without if it meant still having his wife. This was a slight re-imagining of Jack the Ripper . What if Jack the Ripper was a scorned woman instead of a mad man?  Jacqueline, our heroine, develops a severe dislike for prostitutes and saw her killing them as "saving the patient". This was an interesting read, a bit slow at times, but I understand this is setting the stage for the series. I think the series got off to a solid start. It was entertaining and while I have no idea what these characters look like, I'm still invested enough to want to know their outcome and watch Jacqueline's journey to madness. This was my 2nd Halloween read of 2020 and I'm 2 of 2. Great job!
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