A Paradox of Fates

A Paradox of Fates A Paradox of Fates by Rebecca Hefner

SynopsisOne woman bred to save the world…

Dr. Elaine “Lainey” Randolph was born with one sole purpose: to prevent the past. With her brilliant mind and unwavering spirit, she works tirelessly to solve the equations that will finally unlock the mystery of time travel. Then, she will leave the post-apocalyptic future her grandfather created and travel back in time to prevent his calamitous actions.

When handsome military captain Hunter Rhodes appears at Lainey’s remote scientific hub, he offers her protection. But there are strings attached to the mysterious soldier’s proffer, and Lainey finds herself wary of the man who stokes unwelcome longing and desire in her unemotional heart. For Lainey is a scientist, obdurate and dispassionate toward the notion of romantic love.

As Lainey’s band of ragtag scientists and loyal soldiers endeavor to escape the dystopian future, the evil New Establishment threatens to destroy them all. In their unpredictable timeline, the nefarious regime has become all-powerful and will stop at nothing to ensure complete world domination…

Book Review - So, I'll be the first to admit that while I enjoy paranormal and fantasy, I'm not huge on dystopian and Syfy. But, I have to admit ai wanted to see if the author would make me a convert. Hefner did a good job of world building although for this reason, the novel didn't engage me from the onset, because it was a bit slow. Yes. Yes. I know. It's unavoidable when the author is pouring her creativity into a new Syfy series. However, once we were introduced to the characters, and to this new world, the story picked up. The plot is complex and interesting and in full swing by the end of Book 1. I think Hefner has created a new world that I for one am looking forward to experiencing fully. You can get your copy by clicking the image below and supporting the author by leaving a review. 


by KayBee