Daddy's Gurlz Series & The King of the Streets: A Daddy's Gurlz spinoff

Daddy's Gurlz Daddy's Gurlz by Diamond D. Johnson

Synopsis With such unique names as Uzi, Benelli, and Nyne, one would automatically expect the Diaz sisters to be a force to be reckoned with. Raised by their father, Wesson Diaz, the biggest dope dealer in Miami, two of the sisters, Uzi and Benelli, aspire to be just like him. After losing their mother in a tragic car accident, the light in their lives dimmed a bit, especially for Uzi, who finds something so simple as smiling to be foreign.

Although the sisters are close, they have very different personalities. Uzi is the oldest, and her beauty is often mistaken for innocence, but she’s a stone-cold killer and deeply involved in the drug game. Every man with a pair of eyes has lusted over her, but no one has ever come close to having her. In her twenty-six years of life, she has yet to find a man who even slightly piques her interest. Well, that’s until Marcelo, better known as Loco, moves in next door. Just like Uzi, Loco is heavy in the streets and runs his own drug empire. The two of them have known each other their entire lives, but Uzi was taught to hate Loco at an early age, so they never had an opportunity to get to know each other.

The next sister is Benelli. Benelli is a wild sister who has a male mentality when it comes to relationships. No, she wouldn’t be labeled a hoe, but she knows what she wants, and she knows what she doesn’t want. She’s the one with the slick mouth who constantly goes at it with Uzi, causing them to often come to blows.

Last is the baby, Nyne, who is just as sweet, naïve, and wet behind the ears as she can be. Nyne is different from her sisters because she doesn’t want any parts of the drug game.

Take a ride with these three sisters and enter their fabulous Miami lives. You may often hear the term, daddy’s gurlz, and think of cute, loving, innocent sisters, but I’ll be the first to tell you that these chicks right here are everything but innocent! They know the game better than most men, they are highly trained to use heavy artillery, and they are no strangers to catching a body. I mean, after all, they weren’t named after guns for nothing!

Book Review - This was an enjoyable series. There were action and drama scenes in equal measure. Three sisters were raised by their father and more importantly taught by their father to be strong, independent women.  I loved the positive relationships that Johnson presented. There wasn't the usual toxicity found. This was a refreshing change to see men who loved as deeply and as hard as women. The positive relationship that the father, Wesson, had with all three of the sisters was also a refreshing change from the "deadbeat dad storyline. Now that's not to say that there wasn't nonsense going on, because it was i.e. Kofi, Apri, Quez etc. 
The story moved quickly with a few spag errors, but nothing of note. I will say the biggest drawback and why I found myself skimming some pages were the extensive monologues that often added no value to propel the scene forward because many held repetitive content.
All that being said, I'm very much looking forward to the sequel of the spinoff.  I devoured this series in one weekend and was engaged from the onset. I won't say which 2 characters I saw a lot of myself in lol. I would recommend this series and it's spin-off to anyone who loves a hood boy who falls in love. 

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