I Need A Goon I Can Run To

I Need A Goon I Can Run To
by Dymond Taylor

SynopsisLife was hard for Q, way before he ever had an identity. Born into the sex trafficking world, Q had his fair share of drugs forced into his tiny fetal body. Only days old, he was sold and from there, his future was uncertain. By chance encounter, he was reunited with his father. It was a happy moment for them both. However, their happy reunion would be short lived. Suffering from bipolar 1 disorder and the stress of his childhood, Q is a walking time bomb.

During an attempt to escape her abusive boyfriend, Carry and her daughter winds up in his backyard. The last place anyone wants to be if they knew of the disturbed soul on the other side of those walls.

Book Review - Dymond Taylor definitely got me with this one. I felt that old special something like I did when I first read about Fire.
I was invested from the moment Q was caught "playing" in the shed with his best friend. He's complicated and extremely flawed, but my heart went out to him. The story moves quickly and the characters are a bit brutish, but as Taylor revealed more of them to us their vulnerabilities were revealed. I cannot wait for book two. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to read for the bad guy that was really a good guy. 

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