Money Devils 1: A Cartel Novel

Money Devils 1: A Cartel Novel Money Devils 1: A Cartel Novel by Ashley Antoinette

SynopsisThe LaCroixs are four beautiful Haitian American women bound by money and blood. On the surface, the LaCroix Group is a venture capitalist company, but underneath, it’s so much more. The four sisters run long cons, targeting wealthy, prominent business figures. They have a system: Find the perfect mark, create the problem, then present the solution. For a cost…

Sutton “Sutty” LaCroix, the eldest sister and an accomplished business maven, sits on the family throne as the CEO of the LaCroix Group and is the face of their operation. No one is as good as Sutton when it comes to finding new prey.

However, when Sutton meets West, a young, black oil tycoon—a man who represents a life she and her sisters vowed never to live—she breaks all the rules. The LaCroix sisters have a pact: to never settle down and leave roots in one place. But Sutton falls in love with West's good looks, charm, and old money. This means that West is a problem. When he inducts her into a high society of opulence, power, and generational wealth, Sutton finds herself torn between the love of her life and the love of her family.

Book Review - The LaCroixs sisters were the nieces to Mati. The Haitian who plagued the Diamond family. They were not into the same type of hustle as their uncle, but they definitely had a lucrative hustle. They created problems and then stepped in and secured the work as the fixer. Think Pope & Associates on steroids. I liked the introduction of each sister and how the tie-in from Long Live the Cartel took place with Ash and the backstory to Big Carter's death and the twisted history with the Diamond family. I think the story moved well and had some interesting plot points. The audio production was well done and the narrator did a good job. The best part of this story was the long-awaited re-entry of one of the Cartels deadliest allies. 
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