Blood & Whiskey Series

Blood & Whiskey Blood & Whiskey by Christopher G. Metcalf

SynopsisDonegan O'Kelly has a hard life in the Irish ghetto in Stones Gate, Michigan. He has worked to get out and into a violent bootlegging operation run by Donal O' Malley of the Badgers. If he had never killed the gangster he loaned money to, he would have been a respected member of The Badgers. Donegan killed Seamus and with that single act, and started a war between the Italians and the Irish which threatens to destroy the city.
Without divine intervention, he will see the bottom of Stones Lake and swim with the fishes.

People will die, the only question is who?

Series Review 
This series opened with action. It gave me all the feels of a good mafia tale. I appreciated the fact that the writer did his research to ensure that the speech, neighborhoods, etc were true to the Prohibition era and the two warring cultures in the series. 
Donegan let is pride get him and the Badgers into a war that would threaten their city. The story moved quickly and hit you with action at every turn. Bray delivered a well thought out plot with colorful characters who were as hot-headed and treacherous as they were entertaining (cough, Gwen). 
If you like mafia-style Crime drama and action done well, you'll enjoy this series. Please get your copies below and be sure to leave a review for the author. Happy reading!



by KayBee