Your Love Is The Worst Drug: A Crazy Love Story

Your Love Is The Worst Drug: A Crazy Love Story Your Love Is The Worst Drug: A Crazy Love Story
by Kelly Marie

Synopsis - Imagine a love so deep it was the worst drug you ever encountered.

Lai’ shan ‘Widow’ Braga finds herself about to take over the Braga crime family empire and it’s something that she’s been trained for since the beginning and she’s ready for it.  No one except the Powell family who are just as powerful. These two families have only one thing in common; they both want to be at the top! Mercutio ‘Sinister’ Powell is in the same position as Widow; he’s about to become the head of his family, something his mother has trained him for since he was a child. Now that it’s time, the only thing on Sinister’s and Widow’s minds are taking over and getting rid of the family that stands in their way. They get the opportunity but something they didn’t expect happens – they fall in love instead. Do they give in to their heart's desires even if it goes against everything they have been taught or will they put their families first and become the enemies they were destined to be?

Keirah Logan is the best friend to Widow and the daughter of a well-known District Attorney. While visiting her mother one day, she stumbles across Akari ‘Ruin’ Higgins, who also happens to be the man her mother is determined to put in jail! The two are instantly drawn to each other knowing that they have no business even entertaining the thought. But sometimes, what’s bad for you is what your heart wants the most, and they soon find that out when they can’t stay away from each other. The only problem is, people on both sides want to see them apart, and, Ruin isn’t as available as he seems. Do they give in to the temptation or do they allow their family to win over what their hearts desire?

And finally, we meet Micah – the younger cousin of Ruin. As the only princess in the family, she lives a sheltered life with Ruin running away any man that even looks in her direction. Knowing that her having a man is something that is never going to happen thanks to her cousin’s interference, Micah gives up the idea of finding that one and resorts to living carefree like her cousin. That’s until Jaiah ‘Wreck’ Bailey crash lands into her life. Just like every other man, Wreck is immediately warned off by  Micah and she is told the same. Wreck is okay with that because he is adamant that he’s there to pay off his sister’s debt and nothing more. However, sometimes love can hit you when you’re not even looking for it and it comes for them. Do they ignore Ruin and give in to what they want or will Ruin win?
Find out what paths these couples chose and what lengths some are willing to go to keep that that insatiable love

Book Review - This enemy to lover urban love story was a modern day melanated Romeo & Juliet with all the drama and murder you need. I loved the action and ruthlessness of Widow and Sinister. They were a match made in cartel heaven. The supporting characters as well each could hold their own i.e. Keirah and Ruin or Wreck and Micha, even those in lesser roles like Percy or the parents. 
The story moved well. The characters were developed. Yes, I was little over the lengthy monologues that could turn repetitive so I skimmed them. However, it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this series. There were action and drama scenes throughout and I love a good murder/torture scene when love is involved. You can get your copy by clicking the image below and supporting the author by leaving a review. 


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