Bloodline Gems

Bloodline Gems Bloodline Gems by K. Young
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Prince Shubishup is a vampire who was put in a coffin to be shipped to Transylvania along with his family for a ritual but was accidentally sent to Pennsylvania – West Philadelphia. He quickly becomes addicted to crack cocaine prior to meeting two local drug dealers, Stizz and Keem. After a little disagreement, they promise to aid Prince Shubishup in returning home, but they see an opportunity to make some money and use Prince Shubishup.

Terka, Prince Shubishup’s older sister, is ordered by their father, King Shubishup, to locate her younger sibling and to return with him so they can complete the ritual.

Will Terka be able to find her little brother in time? Will she find him at all? Can Prince Shubishup survive the vicious streets of Philadelphia? Or will he become another statistic, and remain stuck in the trenches?

Bloodline Gems is an unpredictable novel that will grip you in suspense that is also packed with humor, action, and a little gore. This story is a definite page-turner, and a breath of fresh air in the urban book.

                                                          BOOK REVIEW
Bloodline Gems by K. Young is a read full of humor. We begin by meeting Prince Shubishup, a vampire who was supposed to meet his family in Transylvania but his traveling got crossed and he ends up in Pennsylvania. His first kill, in a funeral home, is a crack drug user who tells him he got his drugs from Mook, the drug dealer down the street. Prince Shubishup loves the taste of his blood full of drugs that he goes in search of Mook, hoping for more. He bites him but doesn't get the same taste and lets him go. Mook's closest friends, Keem and Stizz join forces with the Prince to earn money by using his powers against other drug dealers and profiting from their buyers. That is until they find out the Prince killed Mook and they kill the Prince. From here, the story goes from Albania to Pennsylvania and with funny scenes in between to its conclusion. The story flowed well with a few errors along the way. Most of the story involved drugs and sex and vampires and I made no connections to any one character. While this book is out of my comfort zone, it did make me laugh a couple of times

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