When it rains, it pours.
That statement seems to be the running theme of Lethal Washington’s life. For years, he’s been plagued by bad situations and personal demons that have kept him from living his truth. Finding love with Raven Watts and enjoying a successful career, it seems like he’s experiencing a reprieve from the chaos until the secrets he has been hiding come back to haunt him. Will Raven stay when pandora’s box is opened?

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Lethal is about to learn that lesson the hard way. He thought his biggest issue was keeping their relationship private, despite a surprise visit from Raven’s mom, but soon finds he has much bigger fish to fry. A vengeful ex isn’t ready to let him walk away and comes up with a dangerous plot to extort or destroy him. Will Lethal be able to stop his ex from telling the world his darkest secrets or will he be forced to pay the price for her silence?

His ex-isn’t working alone, and she’s vicious enough to stop anyone who gets in her way. When mysterious boxes, text messages, and other reminders appear daily, Lethal quickly realizes that he is in over his head and will need help. Will his pride allow him to face his truth and ask for the help he so desperately needs?

Can these two and their love survive the storm?

                                                       BOOK REVIEW
This release is one that I would classify as missed potential. The storyline was a solid one. The protagonist is a transman that suffered a horrible betrayal and went on to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He finds love, loses it, and falls prey to a scorned woman. When the scorned ex-wife teams up with someone close to him, they set out to ruin his life and those around him. 

Unfortunately, the lack of editing made this a very difficult read. Outside of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, there were issues with incomplete sentences and consistency i.e. the pregnancy announcement or the revelation of who was working with Lethal's scorned ex-wife. There are also character mixups that made things a bit confusing as well. Combine all of these issues with the lack of character development and chemistry and you have a story that does not flow as intended and doesn't allow the reader to fully connect with it or its characters. 
I think the two authors are creative and I would love to see this book properly edited and re-released so that it reflects the true talent of both and it better prepares future readers for the spinoff centering on Stone and Regina. 
Please let me know your thoughts after you've shown your support by reading it and leaving a review for the authors.


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