Cowboy Got Me

My woman's a hot mess. And so am I.
We've been on this swinger's thing for awhile now, but that’s half the fun. Cute country girls and wild cowboys lined up for days. In the end, me and my lady can go all night and some.
Not sure if anybody is gonna keep us from loving each other.
The bar we've been going to lately has been hot as a Texas wildfire and one hell of a distraction.
What do you know...
Young Travis caught my Suzy's eye.
I’ll just have to remind her who's the boss.
I bet she’ll remember when she’s screaming my name.

                                                                                  Book Review
Author Just Bae gifts us with another installment in his popular "Got Me" Series. This installment centers around a married couple who like to add spice in their marriage by enjoying the company of others individually and as a couple. Dylan and Suzy's marriage is one that is quite taboo to most people in "normal" society.  Suzy is a former exotic dancer and her husband loves everything about her and her sexy image. We meet them as they decide to give a young cowboy, Travis, a whirl. 
If you have read any book, by this author, you know it is going to be a quick read that will give you just enough to be entertained and hopefully clamoring for more. This story did exactly what I believe the author intended, which was to titillate the reader. The story moved well and the content was aggressive, stimulating, and graphic at times, but that's erotica. I can't complain at all as it was what I was expecting, even the sometimes slightly cheesy dialogue voiced by the characters.  There were a few minor issues, but nothing that took me out of the moment.  
You can get your copy of this spicey read if you dare and support the author by leaving a review. 



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