Nia's Diary : A Domestic Violence Story

Nia's Diary : A Domestic Violence Story Nia's Diary : A Domestic Violence Story by Corrine B.
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Dear Diary,
I’m afraid for my life. I don’t see how I missed all the red flags. I was so caught up in Weston being the perfect man for me that I didn’t see his true colors. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to hide the truth about him from people. I feel each day around him will be my last and I don’t know how leave him. He has made so many threats, I feel deep down he will go through with one of them. I smile on the outside but deep down, I’m praying to be sent free.

All Nia Green wants is a family of her own. Thinking she's well on her way with her boyfriend Sean, her dream is suddenly crushed when he ups and dumps her without warning. Hurt with no understanding, Nia's best friend Shamika convinces her to a night out to the club. That's when she meets Weston. A man who instantly sweeps her off of her feet with his charm. Everything about Weston was just perfect. That's until she finds out who Weston really is.

                                                                 BOOK REVIEW
                                                     (2.5 rolled to a 3 for rating purposes)
The story revolved around Nia and her desire to experience love and be a part of an adult positive relationship. That need lead her to the arms of someone who would change the course of her existence. The content was definitely relevant and somewhat informative, especially when it came to the red flags we should be aware of in romantic relationships. I think the author gave a realistic look at domestic violence. My score is due to the multiple errors that were missed before publishing. They constantly pulled me out of the story. and lessened the impact of its message and entertainment value.
That being said, I am looking forward to part two.

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