Review: Thou Shall Not Hide

Thou Shall Not Hide Thou Shall Not Hide by Sabrina B. Scales
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even the saved struggle when navigating their way through love. This much could definitely be said for the Fold Family’s youngest child and only son, Chadwick.
Looking for love was never on Chad's list of things to do, until he held Taya in his arms on a dance floor and watched God laugh at his plans. She was beautiful in a way that caught his eyes and his heart. Foreign feelings that wouldn’t fade had him questioning his sanity.
They're both too young to fathom that any of this could be real. So, they come and go then come back again until there's nowhere left to hide.

Book Review
Chad & Taya- I loved their story. I think mostly because of the surprise appearance of an old favorite or two. The two were a prime example of the saying you never know when love will find you. Sometimes you meet your person and you connect on every level, but you may not be ready for it so you hide from it. This installment had so much more drama (revenge porn, mild physical violence) and intensity to it. Chad's dating style reminded me of a young me. (don't judge me) I loved the way he grappled with his feelings and that his siblings could read him so well. The sibling bond between the Fold children was humorous and real. The author did a good job of delivering a solid love story.

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