Give My Everything

Give My Everything Give My Everything by Jillian Liota
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Ben Calloway is my new fiancé

When he suggests we get married, I nearly laugh in his face. That is... until he points out just how much I need him. I’m single, pregnant and alone in a tight-knit town I ran away from five years ago.

I’ve burned every bridge there is to burn in Hermosa Beach, and assumed my life would just continue to go up in flames. But who knows?

Marrying Ben just might be the answer to all of my problems.

Remmy Wallace is my new bride-to-be

I wanted a family once. Until an act of betrayal stole my vision for the future. Now, I’m lying in wait until I can figure out how to bring down the man who hurt me. And marrying Remmy could be exactly what I need.

She wants to know what I get out of the deal, but what am I supposed to say? Not the truth, that’s for sure.

My reasons are my own, and I plan for them to stay that way.

Welcome to Hermosa Beach

Book Review

I'm going to show you my everything to see if you're really willing to stick around." I was floored by the consistency in this story, the flow of this story and the utter I-want-to-keep-turning-the-page of this story! This story begins with Remmy Wallace and Ben Calloway meeting to determine how they can help each other. Each of them having a personal agenda, each of them looking for an out to a heavy situation. What they didn't plan on was falling for each other in the hardest, most pure way possible. I was pulled heavily into this story and Remmy and Ben have the best chemistry that left me breathless. True to its genre, I was connected to the romance that blossomed between Remmy and Ben and loved when Ben approaches Remmy's father with a very important life proposition. With little to no grammatical errors, spelling or otherwise, I wholeheartedly give this page-turner 4 out of 5 stars. Everyone who finds steamy romance stories a good read should definitely read this one

Guest reviewer - Jenica @theambitiousreader
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