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Destructive Reconstruction by Trena L. Matthew
Christian Poetry

Have you ever thought about all the times you have been protected from harm, danger, situations, accidents, people, and much more? How many times have you had something sudden happen that turns your world upside down? Exploring just how many times God has kept you from harm and danger and how many times he's brought you through all types of emotional, medical, and emergency situations make us stronger than we ever thought we ever could be. Trials and tribulations are a part of life. Times of trauma, loss, people using us, society's judgment, work-related issues, conflicts, and many other obstacles that we face each and every day are a test of our faith. We can only imagine the outcome, but the one and only Master, God, and God alone have his hand upon our lives. This is a book of poetry examines a variety of situations and issues where we understand God is in control. This book is a reminder that in spite of the circumstances, we are Safe in the Master's Arms.

Pretending Excerpt

I never realized how much you were my heart
How much you kept my heart beating
I didn’t know you would be the missing piece
Of my life or that it’s me you’d be defeating
Until I saw your success and your newly found peace
I don’t want to admit it
But you are more beautiful now
Than you ever were then
I know we can’t be together again
So can we be the best of friends?

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