No Limits

No Limits No Limits by Thomas Ross
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Travis Marks is an aspiring writer who has just lost the love of his life Denise due to his insatiable appetite for sex. Distraught over the breakup, he decides to keep busy doing what he was born to do, please beautiful women. The plot thickens, twists and turns when he meets the sexy, sultry, sinfully desirable Jasmine Jacobs. Once their two worlds collide the aftermath is nothing less than a beautiful, yet chaotic orgasm. Follow along as Travis is torn between utter bliss and the love of his life with the reappearance of Denise, now armed with seduction and a license to kill.

Travis, an aspiring writer, supplemented his income by becoming a male escort after losing the love of his life. This is where the debauchery begins. The author goes into explicit detail when Travis is performing his "duties".  Unbeknownst to him, his best friend is having him followed and his activities get back to his ex, Denise. He also meets a woman while on one of his "jobs" that will soon change his life. Out of the blue, Denise reaches out to him to share a secret with him. However, after being turned on by Travis' apology, they end up in a compromising position and that goes viral and his life is truly never the same. 

I will say that Ross gave me exactly what I expected after seeing some of the video reviews of this book.  He used very explicit language and vivid descriptions to make sure the reader got the most out of each scene. While there was not much in the way of storyline or character development, the content was relevant and well researched. 
There was one scene that was a bit confusing and didn't fly as well as it could have. Denise's level of anger 3 years later didn't make sense to me and there were a few SPAG errors, but all in all, I enjoyed the read. The author also explored the concept of poly life. Granted in this world condoms and STDs didn't exist, but that's why it is called fiction. Right?  But join me and many others and get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.  I suggest you read it with your partner. You'll thank me later. 

Mr. Ross when is the next book club meeting?
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