Eros and the Magician

Eros and the Magician by Isabelle Moss
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In this lush and dreamy erotic love story we follow the girl and the Magician as they journey towards union. The story is told in verse, poems that express the jumble of feelings that lies within the highs and lows of falling in love.

The girl with her tempestuous moods is full of taboos while the Magician is alluring and mysterious. We watch as the trust between them waxes and wanes. The girl goes from no to yes to consent to seduction while the Magician stays steady. He is the home she longs for.

In our hearts we yearn for this alchemy and the desire to make this pleasure last.

The story echoes ancient myths with its symbolism and beautiful landscapes. It conjures the discovery and mystery that lies at the heart of our greatest desires and love affairs.

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I have to say this was the first time I have read an erotic story told in verse. This lyrical ebb and flow of seduction and submission was interesting format choice. In the respect that a full erotic story is not typically done this way. The dance between the girl and the magician comes with betrayal, lessons, lust, and need. The author tales their story with vivid imagery, plush landscapes with a whimsical, intensely erotic brush.

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