Love Imperfection by Evie Snow Release Day Blitz

Love Imperfection by Evie Snow
Release Day Blitz: January 27, 2020

Love Imperfection by Evie Snow

Series: Evangeline’s Rest #2

Publisher: Exile Publishing

Release Date: January 21, 2020

Subgenre: Romantic Comedy

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Synopsis for Love Imperfection
Beth Poole’s got the wrong ticket to the right life…

English dog trainer Beth Poole is having trouble getting her life back together after beating a life-threatening illness and divorcing her husband. When her Aussie-soap-obsessed grandma sends her to Australia to recover, it seems a great opportunity for some rest and relaxation while she figures out what's next.

But when Beth arrives in Australia things get off to a rocky start. To begin with, she's on the wrong coast and there are deadly creatures everywhere. And if that weren't enough, her neighbors are driving her crazy. She's staying in the beautiful Margaret River wine region, right next door to a family-owned vineyard. It should be perfect, but the boisterous Hardy clan just doesn't seem able to leave her alone. The usually reserved Beth is soon reluctantly embroiled in their family disputes and romantic entanglements. And eldest son Clayton Hardy is proving surprisingly persistent.

The more Beth gets to know Clayton, the more she sees what she wants for her future. But as the end of summer approaches, her past comes back to haunt her and tests her newfound relationship with Clayton to the limit.

“Yesss.” Her hips came off the bed when she felt those fingers moving faster, the flicking on her clitoris building in intensity until it was almost painful. Panicking, she reached out to push Clayton away but couldn’t find him. She opened her eyes wide at the sight of his head between her thighs.
Clayton!” she wailed, coming up onto her elbows, shocked and embarrassed. “You can’t . . .”
“Shhh,” he whispered, placing one arm across her hips to keep her still. He increased the movement of his fingers, the flick of his tongue, ignoring her whimper of protest.
She flopped back onto the bed, grasping the sheets in a white-knuckled grip, her heels digging into the bed until she was tense enough to shatter.
“Let go, Beth, I’ve got you.” His words triggered something in her body. Her legs started to shake, she started to sob and then she screamed as wave after wave of intense pleasure-pain flooded her system, flowing through her veins, encompassing her entire world.
Seconds, maybe years later, she opened her eyes, stunned and disoriented to see Clayton standing at the side of the bed. He was naked. Majestically naked. Amazingly naked. Wide, muscled shoulders and chest led down to a taut stomach and . . .
“You still have an erection,” she murmured dazedly while watching him roll on a condom.
He grinned widely, his brown eyes burning their way up her bare legs to the apex of her still-spread thighs and resting there for a moment before meeting her gaze. “I’d say our experiment’s a success so far,” he said huskily.
Beth’s brow wrinkled. “How . . . how precisely do you expect to fit that in me?”
“How about we keep playing and find out?”
He came back down on the bed, his body covering hers. The feel of his stomach pressing against the skin exposed by her hiked-up dress was extraordinarily erotic as he began to kiss her forehead, her eyelids, her neck, before nibbling on her lips.
Distracted, Beth tried to kiss him back until she felt him settling between her thighs.
“It’s just that . . . you’re a tad larger than . . .”
“Trick of the light,” he whispered in her ear as he reached down, positioned himself and began to push gently but firmly inside, stretching her until she felt like she didn’t have any more give.
“Clayton, I don’t think this is going to work,” she whimpered, beginning to panic.
His response was to reach down between them and gently stroke her clitoris while kissing her deeply, hips pushing forward a little bit further every time she moaned until he was fully seated, sweat dripping off his skin. “So far so good,” he rumbled against her ear, his expression strained, his breath hot on her cheek.
“Yes? Ah. Do you want to move now?” Beth asked, feeling a whisper of the same tension building up from before. She moved her legs restlessly until he reached down and hooked them behind his back, bringing him deeper. They both moaned.
“Yeah. Is that alright with you?” he rasped.
“Yes. Yes, I think so.” Beth tentatively squeezed her internal muscles around him.
He groaned. “Beth? If you keep doing that I won’t be able to go slow.” He began to withdraw, and the sensation of him pulling out had her arching her back to bring him in again.
“Maybe you don’t have to,” she whispered.
“Sure?” Clayton pushed back in and Beth moaned.

                                          About the author
Evie Snow is the pen name for a globe-trotting writing team comprising of Georgina (George) Penney and Tony (The Kraken) Johnson.
George does the actual writing and reads far too many books. In the past, she was well on the way to a contemporary history PhD when moving to Saudi Arabia re-introduced her to a love of writing fiction.
Tony manages plot wrangling and is in charge of caffeine distribution. He once spent twenty years working globally as a petroleum engineer and found the oil industry to be far stranger than fiction.
Together, George and Tony have lived in a bunch of countries including Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam and Scotland. They’re currently on a world-traveling adventure, writing books, seeing all the sights, eating all the food and patting as many critters as possible.

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