She Gave Her All To The Hood's Finest 5: Wacko Reloaded

She Gave Her All To The Hood's Finest 5: Wacko Reloaded by Shvonne Latrice
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Tony Wacko and his beloved Camarih return for one more go-round of endless drama. Although the couple has proven time and time again that their bond is unbreakable and not to be toyed with, jealous old lovers, lovesick flings, and confident newcomers seem to have a hard time getting the message. Dating a man in an industry where women constantly throw themselves at him is hard for any woman to deal with. While most simply chalk it up to being just a part of the game, Camarih refuses to accept such, taking things into her own hands. But what happens when the sweet yet fiery beauty gives her crazy man who is even crazier about her, a taste of his own medicine? Will it result in a backfire of epic proportions? And most importantly, will Tony, a pure-bred hood nigga who lives life with no holds barred, be able to deal with it... gently? Or will the bitter taste of reality ruin such an admirable bond?

The other couples return as well, with a plethora of messy events caused by deceitful exes, new friends, insurmountable regrets, and spirals down paths of realizations. In this final... final installment, you'll find love, drama, temptation, betrayal, rage, and jealousy laced through every single page, putting each of these couple through the wringer.

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I didn't think I needed any more closure from this series, but I was so wrong. For me, this was one of those books that I didn't realize I really needed until I read it. It feels truly complete. The story gave us the opportunity to revisit the world of Tony Wacko and those in it. His relationship with Camirah was strengthened despite outside forces attempting to ruin it. This book was an opportunity for some characters to grow and for some to reinforce who they were. The story moved at a moderate pace but kept my attention the entire time. The content was relevant and entertaining. It didn't hurt that I could identify with the female counterpart. I think fans of this author's work will thoroughly enjoy this final glimpse into the "Making a Killing" Family

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