Love Dungeon

Love Dungeon Love Dungeon by Criss Carr
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Karina is a serial killer with a "love" dungeon to kill those who have wronged her.

It opens with the death and torture of Victim 1's demise and him being found. We are now introduced to Karina, her friend Martae and Zahmir the detective tasked with finding the serial killer on the loose.

Zahmir detective tasked with finding the killer. When he meets Martae he has no idea of her connection to Karina and this where the fun lies in this story. I loved the way the author revealed Karina's savagery, Martae's heroism as well as the rest of their family's involvement in everything. This was a quick, well-written read. I would not have categorized it as erotica. I would have billed it as a romantic thriller.

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