A Thug's Love

A Thug's Love A Thug's Love by Jessica N. Watkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a pretty good series. Even though it, the story, has been done countless time, It captured your attention from the onset. A good girl, Kennedy meets bad boy, Damien and they fall in love. She suffered for that love but remained true to it. Her loyalty, especially after betrayal, jail, and death, becomes more than apparent to him. The author took that story and mixed it with some decent characters and produced a good story.
This Crew couldn’t seem to catch a break. When one snake was weeded out another one popped up. It truly kept you on your toes. The other primary couple, Jade and Dolla, become the focus of the series after book 3. Once a huge heartbreaking secret is revealed, this couple would never be the same.
The drama in this story was good and yet too much all at the same time. At some point, the constant drama for the crew becomes too much and you start to say okay enough already let's end this story. Again, I enjoyed it. I was just over it by book 3 and definitely by book 5. From a formatting perspective, the author delivered a very well structured story that engages and entertains those who like their drama on level 10 the entire time. All that being said, I like this author's writing style and the way she weaves a story.

Now let's get you that series!

Reviewed by KayBee


by KayBee