Taboo: A Novella

Taboo: A Novella Taboo: A Novella by Rosalind Peoples
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story was engaging, heart-wrenching and educational. The Author did such a good job of painting the picture of Preston's circumstances that you felt you were watching some lifetime movie. It can be hard to fully develop characters and offer a full story that doesn't leave the reader feeling short-changed, but this Author did it....AGAIN! She paints a vivid picture of a child trying to survive in a situation, not of his making. The pain and the struggle to find his freedom is felt with every turn of the page. You also get a little education on the signs of predatory behavior and how easily someone who is unloved and unknowing can fall prey to the manipulations of a skilled and practiced predator. I enjoyed this completely.

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