Lady Elect 2: Lady Arykah Reigns

Lady Elect 2: Lady Arykah Reigns Lady Elect 2: Lady Arykah Reigns by Nikita Lynnette Nichols
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This review is my opinion and I know I will be in the minority. The author has a gift. I looked forward to experiencing the next installment. The first installment set up an interesting storyline and this series was poised to deliver drama and maybe a few lessons. Unfortunately, this installment could not keep up with said momentum. This book picked up 5 weeks or so, after the rape of the First Lady. I was surprised that the rape was glossed over (no feelings were dealt with and “sexy time” was back as if nothing happened) and rushed to completion. The Angela issue (threat to the marriage) was handled in the same fashion. The First Lady was my least favorite character in this series. She came across shallow, cocky, combative and exhausting. These things distracted from the positive acts she did for others. She was a strong character that stood up for those who needed it. It was good to see a strong black female character. It was just easy to forget the “good stuff”. She didn’t come off likeable to me. It seemed the husband was constantly having to give in to demands after a tantrum and see her side of things without the same respect be given to him. The relationship just came across one-sided. As I said, I like the author and look forward to enjoying more of her work. This particular installment just didn’t work for me. With how harshly and unexpectedly the book ended, I am guessing there will be another installment to look forward to soon.

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Reviewed by KayBee