Mafia Romance Series

Mafia Romance Series Mafia Romance Series by Smanta Howard
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This story held the promise of rugged alpha intensity, passion, lust, mafia intrigue, and action. There was no chemistry between the couples. We were told of it, but it was not demonstrated. There was an odd jump in one of the stories from newlyweds to grandparents was well ...odd.  The book lacked action, romance or passion. It was for lack of a better word bland. It stayed on the surface of the characters and the plot instead of developing them to give them texture or to give the story "meat".   There were a  few key instances that could have brought "the drama", but were poorly executed. The author had interesting characters, a solid plot, it had good bones. Unfortunately, it was lost in translation when it came to fleshing out the plot. Poor execution leads to a bland, disconnected series.

Reviewed by KayBee