Obsession Made Me Do It

Obsession Made Me Do It Obsession Made Me Do It by Nykhol Munroe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What the hell? Nykhol Munroe you got me with that ending.

Iman and Yaro married for 5 years and seemingly in love and lust with one another. Iman finds out some devasting news and her world crumbles. Her husbands obsession skyrockets. And lies, betrayal and paternity results make for a quickly paced drama with a hint of violence and a couple of bomb sex scenes. The supporting cast provided a few laugh out loud moments. The Author delivered a well -written drama perfectly formatted and edited. I was engaged from the first Chapter. The story holds so much promise for the level of drama and entertainment to be taken to a new level as the story continues. Now, where is book 2?

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