All Candy Ain't Sweet A Novella

All Candy Ain't Sweet A Novella All Candy Ain't Sweet A Novella by Rosalind Peoples
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"He introduced me to ecstasy and I was delighted to meet its acquaintance.
I left girlhood the moment he touched my lips with his,
gripped my hips and kissed... me
where no man has ever gone before."Young Sweetie who fantasized about being the woman of Gawd. A middle-aged man everyone warns her to stay away from at every turn. As I read, I kept wondering what was Gawd notorious for in the neighborhood or the city. As soon as he noticed her, seduced her and made her his, I sensed things would go downhill from there for our young heroine. Reality hit quick and hard for young Sweetie. The author touches on different types of abuse and does an excellent job of portraying them all. From a technical standpoint, the author delivered a well-formatted novella with no errors to note.

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