A Hood Boy's Love is Forever Series

A Hood Boy's Love is Forever A Hood Boy's Love is Forever by Taniece
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being abandoned by the only person that’s supposed to love you unconditionally messed up Bambi’s mental. Her mother Net leaves her on her grandmother’s doorstep and never looks back. As she gets older, Bambi gets to the point where she pushes everyone away to keep them from leaving her, except her boyfriend Doc and best friend Hershey; that is until Doc breaks her heart and she severs ties. She finds herself in a situation with the sexy, hood boy, Ari XL. The more Bambi finds herself pushing him away, the more she craves him and eventually gives in. 

Ari XL is the oldest out of three brothers. After his parents died, he took on the duty of making sure that his brothers, Nick and MoneyBagg were straight by any means necessary. He gets distracted by the beautiful slick mouth Bambi and immediately feels a connection to her, but she turns out to be more trouble than he bargained for. 

Hershey and her boyfriend Surge nears their one year anniversary with thoughts of his infidelities on her mind. Finally getting proof that he’s been cheating on her, she ends their relationship and finds herself in the arms of the handsome, gentle, and kind Nick. She finds out that Nick isn’t who he says he is and it leaves her at a crossroads. 

Bambi and Hershey both are broken and in need of that unconditional love. Will XL and Nick be able to give them just that? Or will their hearts end up shattered even more? 

Book Review

Book 1- This was an excellent start to a series by this author. The author delivered on all fronts for me. The story had developed characters, good movement, solid plot, EXCELLENT editing, good structure, and formatting. The story held my interest from page one and I'm looking forward to the sequel. The characters were all rough around the edges, but you can see that they are more than what we've been shown thus far.  On a different note, you can see this author's growth as a writer and I love it.

Book 2- The story moved well.  Each of the characters received closure in the finale. The chemistry that was felt in book one didn't quite transfer to the finale. The couples were separated for 90% of the story but ended up together. The story had a couple of potential explosive scenarios that didn't quite come to fruition.   The conclusion was anti-climatic, a bit rushed and tied in a tidy bow. As a whole, the story/series is a good one.

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