Love Me or Leave Me Alone Series

Love Me or Leave Me Alone by K.C. Mills
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Mission Alexander is the epitome of a boss. Rude, uncaring, and sexy all at the same time, Mission is who he is unapologetically. Nothing comes before his money or his business. Now that he has conquered the illegal world, his cousin urges him to cross over into the legit side. Not liking change, Mission resists this new venture until he realizes the connection it has with someone he wants. Tayah Nolan! 

Tayah Nolan has always settled to make things in her life easy; this includes her fiance and career. Feeling like her life is stagnant, with some encouragement from her sister, Myon, she finally takes a risk that will change her whole life. Meeting Mission Alexander forces some big changes in her personal and professional life, but is she prepared to embrace either one? 

Myon Nolan is what some would call a free spirit. Living life day to day, she prefers things to just flow. This has caused her to stay with her boyfriend, Niko, even though she knows he constantly cheats on her. A quick run in with Navarro Alexander has Myon realizing what a real man is like, even before she wants to acknowledge it. 

Navarro Alexander, lawyer by day and thug by night, has been stuck in his situationship for far to long. He is comfortable where he is at, but in the back of his mind, he knows he wants more. A rough upbringing causes Navarro to care more than he should for people. 

Navigating through their personal and professional lives, these four must figure out how everything fits together. The puzzle won't be easy and will have each of them reevaluating things. As they go back and forth, there will come a time when they each think, "Love Me or Leave Me Alone."

Book Review 

The series was just okay. The back & forth repetitive conversation between mission and Tay got old quick. There was no chemistry between the couples in book one, but that changed in the second book.  The best relationship was that of Navarro and Mission. I couldn't connect with any of the characters and the back & forth made for some confusing moments in book one, but again it was corrected in book two. Overall when something of note did happen, it made the story worth continuing. The series moved quickly and eventually became entertaining.