When My Soul Met A Thug

When My Soul Met A Thug When My Soul Met A Thug by Jessica N. Watkins
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True never guessed that life would be this hard. Being only twenty-five years old, she should have been being wild, reckless, and having fun, not fighting the hardest battle of her life, alongside a husband who no longer loved her. After their divorce, True wanted to be free and enjoy every day. Falling in love was not in the plan. She most definitely hadn't foreseen falling in love with an arrogant, womanizing hustler like Coop. Yet, she did. However, as soon as True tells him all her truth, he'll revert back to that unbearable goon that wreaked havoc on the streets of Chicago. 

Coop grew up an orphan, passed from foster home to foster home. A hustler, his right-hand man, was his only family. His love was the game. His side chick was money. Then he met True. She filled gaps in his life that he didn't even know needed filling. Looking at her, being in her presence, was like the first warm, sunny day after a brutal Chicago winter. Being with her felt like being lost in the right direction. Coop had thawed out his icy heart and given it to True... just for her to break it. True was gone, unable to fix what she’d broken, but, lucky for Coop, True found a way. 

Remi has been with Banks for ten years. She remained loyal through every lie and infidelity in hopes that her patience and understanding will eventually bring her “happily ever after” with her one true love. Finally, Banks gives her what she has always wanted… a ring. However, that ring came with such a devastating blow, leaving Remi unsure how she will ever recover… until she meets True and Coop. Unbeknownst to her, these two strangers will mend her broken heart and cause her life to never, ever be the same again. 

Book Review

This was a very emotionally charged heartfelt romance. I think the author did a good job of developing the characters and allowing the plot to flow freely. I think she handled the cancer storyline appropriately. The narrators did an excellent job of bringing the characters to life. All and all this was an entertaining listen.

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