If I Can't Love You: A Psycho Side Chick Series

If I Can't Love You: A Psycho Side Chick If I Can't Love You: A Psycho Side Chick by Kandie Marie
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Meet high school sweethearts Eric & Reneece. Seniors in college, they're preparing for a journey of adulthood. While Reneece believes the relationship between her & her mate is perfect, Eric has been keeping secrets of his own. Having an affair on the side, things between him & his side piece, Dareen, becomes more than he'd bargained for. 

On a journey to become a better man, Eric realizes his love for Reneece and tries to end his affair, but Dareen isn’t having it. Infatuated with Eric she vows to make him hers, by any means necessary. Will her efforts benefit her or will she be left alone and broken-hearted?

Book Review 

The plot was interesting. How could it not be with a psycho villain, who appeared to have superhuman strength? You will have to read it to know what that refers to in the story. The author delivered a well-structured series with high drama and solid content. The only negative would be that there was a multitude of grammatical errors in book two,  which accounts for the rating. I am looking forward to the finale.

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