I'm Doin' Me Series

I'm Doin' Me 2 I'm Doin' Me 2 by Anna Black
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Tiffany Richardson went from the bottom to the top in a matter of months, because she stumbled into a job that landed her executive producer and head writer for a hit television series called Boy Crazy. All was well and things were perfect for Tiffany until the day she got the news that her show was going to be canceled, before going home to catch her man in bed with the hired help. Determined to find a new home for her show and to get over her two-timing ex-boyfriend Jeff, she seeks out every network on the roaster, but get's nowhere until she gets interest from TiMax, a cable network ran by Langley Green, father of Tressa Green who happens to be the fiance of Tiffany's old high school crush Kory Banks. The queen of L.A. Tressa, Kory's soon to be bride, not only wants to keep Tiffany and Kory apart, before they jump the broom, she also wants to make sure Tiffany's show never airs on her father's network. Although Kory and Tiffany realize that there is still an attraction for each other, Kory decides to move on with Tressa and Tiffany decides to focus on her career, but love is love and Tressa's schemes and manipulative devices to destroy Tiffany, causes her to lose more than Kory in the end. 

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The author built upon the momentum in book one. The characters continued to evolve as did the storyline at a steady pace. The characters were developed and the storyline was well structured. Although Tiffany was not a likable character, the supporting characters were a good mix of personalities. Tressa's storyline evolved in a very organic way that made sense as did Tracy's. The author did a great job of depicting how adult relationships manifest and grow. I wouldn't have been mad at spinoff featuring Maya and Darrell or the supporting cast. OR one with Steven reeling with his involvement in Tressa's storyline.
Narrator Lynette Freeman

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