California Connection Series

California Connection California Connection by Chunichi Knott
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Jewel is young and beautiful, and with several hustles under her belt, she’s all about making money. This doesn’t leave much time for friends, but she’ll always make time for Touch, the local hustler. He’s been her friend since grammar school, when they made a lifelong pact to look out for each other. Lucky for them, their promise has never been put to the test—until now. When Michael Burroughs arrives on the scene from L.A., he floods the East Coast with top-notch product, and quickly earns his title as the California Connection—Calico for short. He’s also a smooth brotha with a knack for getting whatever he wants out of women then tossing them to the side. When he meets Jewel, sparks fly, and things quickly spin out of control. Touch knows how Calico operates and doesn’t want to watch his friend get used and abused. Little does he know, he doesn’t have to worry about her, because Jewel has a few tricks of her own. When Calico shows his true colors, Jewel knows just how to get revenge. Will her plans backfire, or will she be the last woman standing?

Book Review

This series was an okay listen even though the description of the characters didn't really match with how they were presented.  Here are a few random observations of the primary characters.

Book 1
Jewel came across as a simple-minded braggart for 95% of the book. A far cry from the gangtress she called herself at one point. We never saw evidence of her gaming men,.except for Calico sending her 3k. However, that was not her gaming him that was him gaming her to use her and her place to do what he needed.

Sasha was simple and desperate. This was displayed perfectly with the 100K scenario. You get a 100K and all you are going to do his buy material things and not add to it. She still didn't realize the hatred she put on Jewel was her on self-hatred and lack of hustle.

Calico-He's not the "boss" that he was portrayed to be. He's the "supplier" in Cali and VAm but losing 150K has you in a drought. If I read/hear supplier, I think millions or damn near close to that amount. Maybe that's just me.

Touch- A laidback guy with the heart of a savage. Hmm didn't see it, but maybe that'll come out in book 2. The book's end definitely didn't help show him as a savage. Especially not with his wanting to boast about his come up with Jewel.

Book 2 
Touch & Jewel are flossing with money.   They are described as "doing it big". Yet when they break up, Touch says he's broke & Jewel can't pay her bills.  It doesn't add up. Sasha is still envious of who and what she thinks Jewel is or has. Calico gets arrested again while using a fake id. Touch's overreaction to Papo saying "ask your bitch what's up" was ridiculous.  Jewel is duped by an overly friendly woman and it is obvious to everyone that she is not on the up & up. Jewel the woman who games men and women has been gamed in books 1 & 2 and people who are not street smart either.

The characters come across as "playing" at being in the "game".  I think this story should have been a stand-alone with fleshed-out characters and real movement.  I'm going to listen to book 3 to see how this wraps up, but that's the reader in me that has to know how things end.  It is not because I am invested in any of the unstable characters in this unconvincing story.

Book 3
Throughout this book, I kept thinking "what am I missing?".  Jewel kept referring to all that Touch put her through. but, the reader was never privy to it. As a reader, you need to see it not just hear it. This installment ends with another cliffhanger.

This series was poorly executed as a whole and that means missed potential.
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