Love In The Ghetto

Love In The Ghetto Love In The Ghetto by Mz. Toni
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Cherish is a sweet girl that was handed a raw deal in life. Her mother is a sick and abusive woman that always saw Cherish as the mistake that ruined her life. An unexpected incident nearly costs Cherish everything. However, the unfortunate tragedy of a loved one leads her right into the arms of a new man that could end up being good for the soul. 

Mega is young, handsome and seems to have it all. He has moved across the hall from Cherish, the beautiful yet quiet and battered young woman. Mega witnesses the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her mother and wants to save her, but growing up in the hood has taught him to mind his business, and to turn a blind eye to things that don't concern him. 

Will Mega save Cherish? Or, will his hood nature cause him to turn a blind eye to her obvious cry for help? If so, can he save her in time? Or, will the abuse and neglect cost Cherish her life? 

Book Review
This story held a lot of similarities to the novel Push by Sapphire. The characters both compelling and both incredibly emotionally hard to read. The characters were being set up to be interesting and the storyline moved along at a moderate pace.  Book one held my interest enough to complete in one sitting.  The author got off to a great start and I eagerly awaited part two.

Then book two was released and I was left wondering what the heck happened. Cherish having dealt with unbelievable hardships remained immature. I was confused on more than one occasion. For example, I didn't understand the fallout with Camille and her mother or the drama overreactions given by every character with the exception of Mega. Unfortunately, it was difficult to finish the second book.
 Cherish is now so unstable she is going to shoot someone who she thought to be her friend because she is sleeping with a man she claimed to not want. IF we the readers were supposed to believe she now has been pushed off the deep end, there should have been clues prior to the act. There is another cliffhanger that seemingly doesn't make sense.


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