Pregnant by the Same Baby Daddy Series

Pregnant by the Same Baby Daddy Pregnant by the Same Baby Daddy by Lady Lissa
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

What’s a girl to do when the man she falls in love with comes with a lot of baggage including a whole bunch of baby mamas’ drama? Does she continue to fight for their relationship or end it? That’s the exact situation Dayja faces when she meets Terrance Williams. He’s handsome, charming, intelligent and rich and he wants Dayja to be his wife. Dayja falls hard for the charmer and before she knows it, she’s deeply in love with him. But will her feelings for Terrance allow her to turn a blind eye to everything going on around her? She soon finds out that loving Terrance requires her to have a lot of patience and the skill to fight. Having tangled with two of her man’s baby mamas and a potential baby mama, Dayja finds herself carrying his child also. 
Terrance finally convinces the woman he loves to move in with him and that’s when the drama really starts. Lauren is the baby mama who won’t give up on her man. After finding out that Terrance has asked Dayja to marry him and moved her into his place, she sets out to destroy their relationship so she could have her baby daddy to herself. That proves to be harder than she thought because everything she dishes at him he dishes out right back and harsher. 
Then there’s Layna… the project chick from the hood who claims to be carrying Terrance’s baby too. Things seem to be working in her favor when Terrance offers her ten grand to get rid of the baby, which she uses to move out of the ghetto and into a plush new luxury condo. Layna doesn’t care one bit about having this baby for any other reason but to secure her financially. But what happens when Terrance refuses to accept responsibility for her kid? 
Will Terrance come out on top and get his happily ever after with Dayja or will his triflin’ baby mamas ruin everything? Find out who gets the man in the first installment of Pregnant by the Same Baby Daddy…

Book Review
The story hooked me from the beginning and held my interest.  The characters were not the typical ignorant "hoodrat" type that is expected, well not all of them. They were interesting and developed, even the supporting characters. There was drama at every turn, which is to be expected with multiple baby mamas and one man.  Although the series tended to be a bit wordy and the scenes between Lauren and Layna were repeats of one another, the author did a good job of developing the plot and keeping things fairly interesting outside of those two that I could move past them. All in all,  a decent series filled with drama and interesting characters.

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