Blinded Series

Blinded Blinded by Sabrina Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book 1-
Emerald, Candy, and Yasmine –three young ladies all making their own money and wanting the love of a good man- enter Trey, Nas, Yasir & Vito. These couples move fast, working through misunderstandings, and egos. This urban fiction story captured my interesting immediately. The characters were interesting and the storyline was a strong one. However, there were definitely times that were confusing to me due to incorrect word usage and unclear transitions from one character’s dialog to another. I would have liked some backstory on the characters as well. I felt like I missed huge “chunk” of the story that the time jumps didn’t explain. The score is attributed to the grammatical, spelling and editing errors. All that being said, the story is a good one and I am on to book 2.
Book 2-
This story opened by giving us a little background on how Synthia met Nas. It was a nice twist revealing her connection to Candy as well. There were several moments of high drama and a bit of chaos in the second installment. I definitely would have liked there to have been fewer distractions i.e. character mixups, incorrect word usage, etc. The plot was strong and the 2 part series ended on a fitting note. This author is one to watch for certain. She is definitely talented and knows how to spin a tale

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