Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy: Married to the Gang Series

Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy: Married to the Gang Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy: Married to the Gang by Tabitha Sharpe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fast-paced and drama filled

This story pulled me in from page 1. I loved the setup was clear and the storyline was easy to follow. Bama and Brazil were soulmates torn apart by family obligations. Seven years later they are reunited in an unlikely way and it is like nothing ever happened. The anticipation to see how the re-kindling of their love affair would be taken by those who were now in their lives made for an anxious reader. The Author delivered on every front for me-character development(except Kya), execution, format, content, structure. Her team put out a great start to a series. If I had one thing to say that would be I would like to know what was in Kya's background that made her mother treat her so coldly as an adult. It was eluded to that Kya did some "bad things". What were those bad things?  I'm looking forward to seeing the gang in action in book 2.  Great job Ms. Sharpe.

Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy 2: Married to the Gang by Tabitha Sharpe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 rating rounded up
There were a few moving pieces in the story with the addition of the Brooklyn/Katarra/Leo triangle. While parentage, births, death, and betrayals were revealed, you got a little more backstory on the characters in this story, which helped move this story along at the quick pace the author set up in book 1. There were no errors that were evident. The plot continued to develop and move forward until the cliffhanger, which was not surprising. however, it will be nice to see how this author brings it all together. Book 3, the finale I hope, should be explosive and satisfying.

Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy 3: Married to the Gang by Tabitha Sharpe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The sentiment was nice, but what Bama failed to realize was that you couldn’t do what you wanted and say what you wanted to people and think that by telling them you love them, that was supposed to just be some front door to let them walk right back into…” quote from beta

Mobbin' for a Bellshire Boy 4: Married to the Gang by Tabitha Sharpe
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Loved Brooklyn's proposal and that it led back to Kat wanting him physically

A fitting end for the Bellshire gang. Loose ends tied up, new love found, new journeys for the couples made me feel satisfied with how the author chose to close this series. There were a few errors, but nothing to distract from the story too much.

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