Making Good Love to a Bad Boy Series

Making Good Love to a Bad Boy Making Good Love to a Bad Boy by Breana Morgen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series is comprised of 5 books, one of which is an update on the  Black family that took place during the holiday season.

Three brothers-Domino, Dedrick & Davion-lost their parents early in their young lives. Domino, the eldest, was left as head of the family in charge of finances and their future. He has become a self-made mogul and has little patience for love, relationships, and disrespect.  His stance on disrespect and making his money doesn't change, but one chocolate beauty comes in and changes his whole world with the way she loves him. Middle child Dedrick finds pleasure in his lab. However, when the woman of his dreams turns out to be a "thot girl" and leaves him with a little surprise, he is devasted. Fortunately, he meets someone who is the Myra to his Urkel and opens him up to a new brand of chemistry. Dedrick will have you laughing with his lack of knowledge when it comes to being hip and speaking slang.  Davion, the youngest brother, showcases his abuse (drugs, physical & verbal) like a trophy with no regard to the women or children he harms. Even after tragedy befalls him again and changes the course of his future, his abuse is taken further much to the dismay of those who love him. One thing all the brothers had in common was the nonsense brutally honest delivery they had in any situation.

The series had good character development, interesting primary and supporting characters.  It was well structured and executed. The Author pulls you in from the first chapter with drama and keeps you by bringing in comedy, complex characters in real-world situations i.e. spousal abuse from a male perspective. and the effects of losing parents at a young age.  There were minor grammatical errors, but not enough to distract from the story.

Breana Morgan kept the same fire once throughout the entires series even in the Holiday standalone she released.  I found myself literally laughing out loud to anything Dedrick said. I am so pleased with this final book and would totally recommend this series. The Black Family is definitely one you won't forget.

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