Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend 1 - 4

Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend by Lady Lissa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book 1-
Dallas, who is married to Tierra, is in love and lust with her best friend Tangi. The story chronicles his obsession with Tangi. Tangi's betrayal to Tierra and their friendship. When his place in Tangi's life is threatened, he is prompted to confess and leave his wife. This is when the story truly picks up. There wasn't a lot of movement, but that is due to the repetition in each chapter. The story was a quick and moderately paced read. There was not a rush to the cliffhanger. It flowed fairly well. There were a few errors, but nothing to distract from the story. I did enjoy the story and am looking forward to part two.

Book 2  The story picked up where book 1 left off. Dallas' obsession with Tangi reached an all-time high. He took his stalking up a notch and became vengeful when he didn't get his way. Tangi had finally found love, but she still has to contend with Dallas' stalking and trying to keep her horrible secret from her best friend. However, her love, Smooth gives Tangi an ultimatum that she is not prepared to follow through with yet. This causes a rift in the relationship.  Tierra has a new man, a baby on the way and is waiting for her divorce to become final. There was a lot of activity,  but not necessarily movement that propelled the story further than it should have been by the second book.
That being said, I'm patiently waiting for book 3 to be released. The ending was perfect and suspenseful.

Books 3 and 4 are filled with drama, drama, drama and then more drama. I wasn't quite sure what the authors could come up with for a 4th book, but they delivered. The character development remained on point,  a new villain was introduced, forgiveness occurred, murder, and everyone is a suspect.

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