Gorillaz in the Bay: Neva Die

Gorillaz in the Bay: Neva Die Gorillaz in the Bay: Neva Die by De'Kari
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The rise and fall of a boss and the effects of his actions on those in his gang and in his life. T'Rida's, Jason aka Voorheeze and Gunz three men heavily into the street life and all the spoils and dangers that come with it. This tale of how the Neva Die Dragon Gang became the most feared gang in their area was gritty and extremely raw. The Author gives us an insider's view of what it takes to get their entrepreneurial endeavor off the ground and how to keep it running. Along the way, the characters give us a few laughs, show us that loyalty and respect are important and that they are stronger together. When they go off on their own, someone falls to the very evil that gave them their riches. The passages detailing gang activity or the emotions of certain characters are so descriptive, you can envision each scene. The characters are developed, the work is formatted, and was clearly edited very well. Congratulations on a well-written debut novel.

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by KayBee