Dropping Panties In The Pulpit

Dropping Panties In The Pulpit Dropping Panties In The Pulpit by Tutu Da Author
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book involves two couples - Pastor Omar, Los, and their wives. The couples are tied together through the streets and through the church. I will preface my comments by stating that 1) I did not complete the story and 2) I liked the scandalous title and gorgeous cover and did not read the synopsis before I downloaded. I feel like I may have received a flawed copy of the book. There appeared to be little to no editing or formatting in place. I had to stop after chapter 5 because it was simply too confusing and chaotic to continue. Each page if not paragraph was riddled with errors. Poor transitions, incomplete or jumbled sentences, lack of punctuation and incoherent dialogue all added to the confusion. I could not get a feel for the story or the characters, which is a shame because I think this story held good potential. Will I try other work by the author? Sure, I would not let one book turn me off. However, I think he or she owes to herself to take a look a the version that was published and re-release the entertaining story he or she intended.

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