Carl Weber's Kingpins: Houston

Carl Weber's Kingpins: Houston Carl Weber's Kingpins: Houston by Treasure Hernandez
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Kim and Donna, sisters who escaped from certain death when their parents were murdered. They were taken in by their Aunt Lisa, who taught them her hustle and how to survive. She was a cold character and I really liked her. Once the last of their family was taken away, they had to find out who was trying to get their revenge. Donna, the thinker of the two, came up with a plan for them to follow. However, Kim the weaker of the two veered from the plan putting them both in jeopardy.  The girls were just trying to make in the world. I could relate. I knew Keraun was going to be a snake. This was a predictable storyline, but it was entertaining enough to keep my attention. I'm from Houston so I was I looking for more references to the city.

There were a few lulls when the girls were going back and forth over next steps in their plan or who could be out for revenge. The narrator Ellis Park did a good job with the material given.

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