The Scopas Factor

The Scopas Factor The Scopas Factor by Vincent Panettiere
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This was my first book by this author so I was not quite sure what to expect. From the synopsis, I gathered that the primary male character, Detective Mike Hegan returns to Chicago hoping to put a bad experience behind him. However, his girlfriend Diana, who was a prominent figure and not just an afterthought in the story set him up on a new job. the case leads him from San Francisco to traveling across the country. There are a lot of characters to keep up with so pay attention. With those characters come multiple twists including kidnapping and murder. I did enjoy the Author not pulling any punches and grabbing my attention from the first Chapter. He knows how to pull you in with great imagery. I always enjoy when I can picture and feel what is going on with the characters. The characters were developed including the supporting characters. The story appears to be well structured and good editing was involved here as well. I ALWAYS appreciate a technically clean novel. My only issue with the story is that at times, it got a little wordy and I think bogged down with unnecessary details. I felt the pace slow a tad bit midway through. Hmm, it could have just been me and the fact that I could not wait to see how the story would unfold. The Detectives backstory was interesting and I loved getting the insight that the Author gave us as to what makes him tick. All in all, a good read and am glad I got to experience it.

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