Shot Through the Heart

Shot Through the Heart Shot Through the Heart by Ms. Bam
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One mentally unstable woman dealing with rejection meets a man who is dealing with his own hurt and pain yet remains a gentleman to her despite her nastiness toward him and you have a "love" story. Throw in betrayal, infidelity, murder, a gold digger with a large dose of irrational behavior and you have the makings of "Shot through the heart". I can't say I didn't enjoy it, because I did. The heroine was not likable by any stretch of the imagination. She was not only hard to love but hard to tolerate. However, that is a testament to the author's writing abilities. She did an excellent job of presenting her in that light. She also wrote the Jeremiah character with the patience of Job and a perfect example of many say they want in a man. Honest, loyal and straightforward with his intentions and needs. The supporting characters made scenes with heroine bearable. I was pleasantly surprised with the last club scene. A very valuable lesson was learned by the patrons and those intimately involved with the quarreling duo. All that being said, I liked the book overall and it was well-written with no notable errors. Enjoy!

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