A Thug Like You

A Thug Like You A Thug Like You by Pebbles Starr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sky is a shrewd single mom making her way in the world by working as a bottle girl at an LA nightclub, where she secretly pockets the establishment’s share with the help of her best friend Zuri. Sky’s unscrupulous means of getting by haven’t caught the attention of the owners of the club who just happen to be the biggest crime family in LA, the Kasabian Cartel – at least not yet. 

Unknown to Sky, there’s drama unfolding behind the scenes in her personal life as her boyfriend Blade’s lies slowly start to unravel, as well as his secrets – like the fact that he is engaged to another woman. Meanwhile, Sky’s crazy baby daddy who is behind bars on drug charges is up for parole and plans to come home to reclaim what’s his. 

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more complicated, Sky’s childhood friend Ryzen who has secretly carried a torch for her is reunited with her after sixteen years. He is determined to finally speak up and confess his feelings, despite the fact that Sky doesn’t even remember who he is. 

Things aren’t any better for Zuri as she and her serial cheater of a man Flex are constantly at odds with each other as their relationship grows more and more toxic, and she’s too stubborn to quit while she’s ahead. Will their “struggle love” be her undoing? Or can he change before it’s too late? 

The storyline, while it had a few of the typical urban fiction elements,  the addition of the Armenian Cartel was a nice change. The characters were developed enough to be interesting. The story had elements of mental health, familial obligations, lgbtq issues, murder, and living with a disability. That being said, the content within the storyline was relevant, the document well structured and there My only negative the story had a tendency to be wordy and repetitive, which meant lulls in the story. I look forward to the sequel. For now, you can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 

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