The Realest Thug Chose Me

The Realest Thug Chose Me The Realest Thug Chose Me by Tabitha Sharpe
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In the city of Nashville, Pluckerz, a known urban lounge, opens its doors to all types of people, thugs, drug dealers, and even lovers. 

Makiyah Martin is a young woman in school, on her way to becoming a physical therapist, when she stumbles upon Ricky, a local retired thug who now has his riches from the food trucks he’s pushing all over town. Ricky is everything Makiyah openly hates but secretly loves. When a chance encounter between the two occurs while enjoying hookah and BYOB drinks, Makiyah is instantly hooked by his charm and forwardness. 

Ricky, who was looking for love in Makiyah, quickly finds it, and sparks like the end of a joint fly when the pair become a couple. As life would have it, Ricky’s got skeletons in his closet that Makiyah chooses to accept, and some of those bones belong to his bitter baby mama, Trinity, the mother of his first-born son, Marlo. 

Even with past and current beefs with Trinity, Makiyah and Ricky’s relationship couldn’t be better, and their life together is set and sealed when they get married in Cozumel, Mexico. The honeymoon becomes a disaster when tragedy and a horrific event strikes Ricky and Makiyah’s bedroom, leaving her to completely start her life over, possibly on her own. 

Afterlife takes a nasty turn for Makiyah, her world is shaken and spun completely upside down, leading her down the path of drugs, where her best friend, La’Miyah sees cause for counseling. If Makiyah doesn’t get the help she needs, she’ll end up a young, broken-hearted, bitter young woman, and the stress and trials that could come from that would be horrendous. 

Seven months after her honeymoon gone wrong, Makiyah still feels like the unluckiest person in the world, until the door to possible happiness blows back open, but this time, walking through it won’t be as easy as it was before. 

Makiyah chose a bad boy before, and it didn’t play out according to plan, but when a real thug chooses her, the broken pieces of her heart that had been shattered could come together if she plays her hand right. 


For me, the story centered around Makiyah and her healing. The supporting cast of characters added texture to the plot by allowing us to learn more about her through them.  The pain and suffering that she experienced throughout the story stood front and center and could be felt in each chapter. The author did an excellent job of pulling us into her headspace and making us privy to the inner turmoil. Great job on that front. I think the spiritual conversations that Makiyah and Ricky had was handled in a believable way and will resonate with several readers. 

Those that I consider supporting casts had secondary storylines that were equally as interesting. The dynamic between Mimi and Less is a curious one and I hope to gain more insight into it. How will Less resolve his feelings once he learns what Mimi is hiding?  Will he be able to continue to share her with Makiyah? Will his former addiction be a hindrance or an asset when it comes to what’s next for the best friends? 

Is Ricky’s situation what it really appears to be? Was Trinity involved? I feel she was on some level. How will the appearance of an “angel” who has a Ricky vibe shake up Makiyah’s life? 
This story moved quickly, was well-structured with interesting and relatable content. There were a handful of grammatical errors, but not enough to pull me out of the story. The author is off to a solid, if not emotional, start with a new series. Get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.

Sharpening Your Pen with Every Stroke--" 

Author. Editor. Literary Angel.

Born in Nashville but very well-traveled, Tabitha Sharpe was raised to appreciate culture, the arts, and entertainment. When her father passed away in 1998, Tabitha took to writing as a coping mechanism where she felt instantly soothed through the pen.
Growing up in the suburbs of Nashville years later, she was given many opportunities to participate in screenplays, puppet shows, and even write a few movie scripts for local artists. 
Tabitha Sharpe grew up too fast, getting into trouble, always feeling as if she had something to prove to others, and even herself, landing her in jails all over Tennessee, and in trouble more times than she cares to admit. 
After being incarcerated for a year in 2014, she emerged from the trenches with a dream and a goal, to not only do better, but be better, and in doing so, she decided to fulfill the long-time dream she'd always had for herself of becoming a professional writer. 

Tabitha Sharpe is not only a reformed criminal, but she is a vivacious, young author on the rise in her rebooted life.
In 2015, Tabitha released her first full-length novel, Behind Our Husbands' Lies. 
To date, Tabitha has published over thirty books that can all be found on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. 

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