Deadly Secrets: Brothers That Bite Book Series Books

Deadly Secrets: Brothers That Bite Book 1 Deadly Secrets: Brothers That Bite Book 1 by E. Bowser
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Secrets can be deadly in this college supernatural thriller. Taria and Michael attend Morrison State University where Taria is in her last year of college studying investigative journalism. As her and Michael’s relationship flourishes; strange and unusual circumstances ensue resulting in mysterious and horrible deaths around campus. As the race against time begins to find the person behind all the carnage and blood-lust, unbeknownst to Taria there is more to Michael than meets the eye. Her best friend LaToya who is studying Fashion Photography is dating Quinn whose aloof nature is a bit out of the ordinary to some. The plethora of local missing person’s cases sparks Taria’s suspicions as she begins to investigate what is happening. Who is committing these murders and why? As the clues become more intense and revealing; the danger is around every corner ready to pounce. 

This was my first book/series by this author and she has gotten off to a good start. The storyline has four black primaries who meet thanks to a vision by Michael, Vampire. He sees the future love of his friend Quinn. What he doesn't see is the woman would also become his future. Unfortunately Michael's brother, Damon knew of her existence and that she would replace him in his brother's heart.  He could not allow that to happen. So after more than 100 years occupied by captivity and unexplained murders, Damon has come for revenge.

The storyline itself is compelling because I have run across very few paranormal romances with a black cast of characters.  The backstory of the male characters was interesting.  The story moved at a moderate pace that is only thrown off at times by poor transitions between scenes. I found the narrator to not be the best fit for this particular story. Although the production quality was good, the voice was a bit to mature for them. There were a few lulls in the story as well due to repetitive language and the overuse of the "F" word, which in the first book littered virtually every conversation.  Those things aside, I find myself invested in the outcome of this foursome as will those who enjoy the paranormal romance genre.
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