The Perfect Blend

 The Perfect Blend

 by Olivia Rose
                                                                My rating 4 of 5 stars

The Perfect Blend by [Rose, Olivia]Sky Turner lived a simple life. She worked, then went home. After suffering from a devastating breakup, she decided to pull back from the dating world.


One spill of her coffee, altered the cycle of her life.

Xavier Parker was living life, case-by-case. Being a divorce attorney, he witnessed the many downfalls of marriages. Even with a recent breakup, he believed that there was someone out there to fill the void he often felt in his personal life. He also knew that he had already found her...

In a coffee shop, of all places.

Sky and Xavier may have different views on relationships. But one thing's for certain-- you never know when love might spill all over you, even if it's disguised as hot, steamy coffee.


Who knew spilling a steaming cup of coffee on someone would lead to love? Our co-protagonists, Sky, painter & gallery owner and Xavier, a high priced divorced attorney, certainly did not.  That spilled coffee turned into longing glances, the rekindling of feelings thought long gone after a particularly nasty breakup and hope that just maybe something, anything would or could develop. Sky didn't think she stood a chance at love since she described herself as "basic" .  Unbeknownst to her, the man who filled her lustful visions had her in his crosshairs as well.

This was a quick read at less than 70 pages. The story moved quickly, but love was not instant and I appreciated that the author didn't give us the "instalove" effect for these two. The characters and plot were developed and engaging. The author did a great job of setting the stage for this love story with vivid and descriptive language. The supporting cast opens this story up to at least two more stories. I'd especially love to see Dominic and Melanie's story come to life. I also love the positive representation of black love and romance the author gives.

If I had nonpositive comments, it would be 1) the re-telling of a scene from both perspectives is not necessary unless you plan to give us new insight into what the other was thinking and 2)
There were a few instances where I thought the incorrect word was used i.e . "Mr Taylor Suit" instead of Mr. Tailored Suit" or "I worked at a divorce attorney at Melvin, Parker & Rivers....."

All in all, this was a sweet feel-good romance for those who love to read the genre but may be short on time. Get your copy here and don't forget to support the author by leaving a review. I received a copy of an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review, which I do so voluntarily. Now, I'm off to find a coffee shop :)