Harlem and Brooklyn: A New York Love Tale 1 & 2

Harlem and Brooklyn: A New York Love Tale Harlem and Brooklyn: A New York Love Tale by Heiress
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Tragedy is something that isn’t easy to get over. It takes time and patience. Unfortunately, Brooklyn didn’t have neither time nor patience. When her tragedy happened, she was left with no one and nothing. At Twenty tears old, she was alone and homeless. 
So, she thought… 
Recently finding family was supposed to be the highlight of her life after darkness took over it. She had a long-lost sister that she never even knew about along with a fortune she supposedly inherited. She thought her life was going to get better after finding out the news, but little did she know, her life was about to turn even more upside down. 
Not only did she have to deal with the half-sister from hell, but she had to compose herself around her handsome and hood mannered husband, Harlem. He was an ex-football player that possessed so much sex appeal that even looking at him would get you pregnant. He was a man, not a boy. He was wealthy, not rich. He was hood, not ghetto. When he stepped inside the room, women graveled, and men feared him. He was everything that a girl would want in a man. He just wasn’t Brooklyn’s to have. 
After agreeing to do the unthinkable for her half sister whom she barley even knew, Brooklyn opened up her life to all kinds of trouble. Her heart got in the way and made her life so much more difficult. She had to choose between blood or love. She had to choose between life or death. She even had to choose between forgiveness or blame. Not to mention money or power. 
Just when she thought her life was going to get better, it got worse. Follow Brooklyn on her journey to love, wealth and betrayal. When secrets are revealed, feelings are told and games are played, will she be able to handle it, or will she fold? Sometimes love doesn’t always win when your fighting with money. 

Book Review
The plot was interesting. The villains were over the top. I'm not quite sure why Brooklyn didn't sit well with me, but that character wasn't the most likeable. I did like Harlem as he appeared to present who he was without any facade. There was good movement and few errors. 

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