Training My Heart to Love You

Training My Heart to Love You Training My Heart to Love You by Monica Walters
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Kortlynn Hebert has learned how to be positive in every situation. Growing up in a single-parent home, her mother taught her how to love herself and to have self-respect. That was an important lesson, especially for a plus-sized woman. Kortlynn realized early that the person that should love her the most was herself, however, that didn’t keep her warm at night. It didn’t softly kiss her lips. Loneliness is prevalent in her life, but that doesn’t make her desperate. While there had been relationships with men, they just didn’t measure up. Not wanting to be a notch on anyone’s belt, Kortlynn chooses the path of celibacy and focuses even more on herself. Until one day, out of the blue, this angel drops right in front of her. While she is skeptical of his motives, she’s in awe of his good looks and pleasant personality. She meets Zayson Ardoin in a professional atmosphere, but things soon turn personal. 

Zayson Ardoin, a country boy that possesses an urban swag, has been coasting through life, not knowing love. He lives day to day training horses for rodeo events and breaking somewhat wild horses so they can be ridden. Indulging in the single life for a while, he decides he’s tired of random women and the drama that comes with them. He puts all his energy into his work and he’s content being alone. He chooses celibacy versus dealing with a woman that he doesn’t see himself developing a relationship with. Fate must be on his side when he ends up face to face with Kortlynn Hebert. He’s always liked his women thick and she fits the bill perfectly. While trying to keep things professional, he fails miserably and begins a chase that he intends on winning. 

This story was a positive depiction of black love at a time it is very much needed. The author did a good job of showcasing the importance of communication and respect is in a relationship, as well as how much self-love and self-respect play a role in what we will and will not tolerate in our space. I thought the storyline was strong and that the descriptions of China and Beaumont were spot on. I have the added advantage of being familiar with the area so that helps. The same can be said with how she captured the rodeo scene for black cowboys and that Zydeco music can be found playing in the background.

The characters were developed. The pace moderate and the storyline was full of love and romance so it was true to its genre. I found no negatives and I saw the negative reviews, which didn't quite make sense to me, because I didn't see those same issues.  At any rate, please get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. Lovers of good romance will enjoy this tale and want to find their own country boy to love.

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